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Multifunction Ultrasonic Mosquito Killer

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Latest frequency conversion technology

✅ Suitable for babies & puppies

✅ 98% proven efficiency


Get rid of mosquitoes EFFECTIVELY

Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes! Enjoy mosquito-free evenings and outdoor adventures without the hassle of bites. Experience true mosquito protection that works!

100% safe for us and our beloved puppies

Harmless to humans, cats and dogs, it emits no radiation. Enjoy well-deserved peace and quiet without the inconvenience of mosquito bites. SonicZap® gets a safe, no-compromise solution for protecting your home from flying insects.

Super quiet, low noise pollution

The ultrasonic frequencies of SonicZap® are absolutely quiet and imperceptible to the human ear, protecting it from damage caused by noise pollution. So you can relax in a pleasant, safe environment!

 High autonomy and energy savings

The high-capacity 2000 mAh USB rechargeable battery is guaranteed to last a long time, saving you money on electricity bills. So you don't have to worry about constantly recharging the battery or expensive bills.

Technical features:
black and white
Rated power:
Rated voltage:
Usage area size:
10-30m2 100mm*190mm


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